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In fast foods and Michelin-starred restaurants, the burger imposes itself as a reference on menus. But the offer often remains the same: a classic burger with a good ground meat, and a ray of recipes without the possibility to personalize it.
We do the opposite. Each one of our 6 Cheesegrubers is a different blend with ingredients directly mixed into the pure muscle beef. We also offer, every month, a signature blend depending on seasons & trends. Our fries are mythical and like no other because they’re carefully coated with corn.

Our bun is artisanal and our Veggie
blends is home-made !

GRUBERS is « burgers » anagram.

To grub means « to eat » in English slang …To grub a Cheesegrubers!


Our beef burgers are pure muscle, and have been created to have character.

To each of our beef blends, we have added inside perfectly balanced ingredients, spices and condiments. Jalapenos, chimichurri or truffle… Our meats possess a unique flavor. To ensure a tender & juicy product, we only use beef muscle cuts. We NEVER use trimmings to lower the costs at the expense of taste. And because of all our blends are different, a creamy sauce has been created for each one of them to magnify the meat’s flavor. Pure bliss!


High quality fresh beef

Tasty ingredients

Delicious Cheesegrubers!


Our fruity ice creams are 100% tasty Only fruits, water & a touch of organic cane sugar
Gluten-free / Dairy-free / Vegan Discover Chloe’s Fruit


Three chocolates | White chocolate & raspberry

No meal is complete without a sweet note at the end.

Chocolate, caramel or raspberry, our cookies are all cooked in our kitchen and create a deliciously sweet smell in our restaurant. Both soft & crunchy, our cookies are simply decadent and are the perfect sweet note at the end of your meal..

New York

GRUBERS’ cheesecake is a creamy goodness. What makes it so great ? The crust is thin and crunchy, and the filling is exquisitely light, velvety and fluffy.

Add a topping - chocolate, caramel, berries - and devour it !

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