Soooo grub!

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Our name GRUBERS is the anagram of the word “Burgers”.

“To grub” means “to eat” in slang, and the adjective “grub” can be translated by “delicious”.

This is GRUBERS.

Why Gruber’s

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We use, prepare & cook fresh products especially for you…

Our 100% fresh & never frozen beef is delivered daily by the producer. To insure a tender & juicy burger, we only use cuts from the best muscles and no fat trimmings.

Our bun is artisanal and our Veggie blends is home-made !

Our beef blends truly are the strength of our concept.

The Giraudi family offers the best products since over 60 years. At GRUBERS, the unique taste of each CHEESEGRUBERS™ comes from fresh ground beef mixed with various quality ingredients such as jalapenos, cheese & bacon, truffle…

Our CHEESEGRUBERS™ are cooked & freshly prepared in a specific order.

Golden & Soft

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The bun has a very important role in the making of our CHEESEGRUBERS™. It is the first element you touch. It holds the burger & traps the juices without modifying the taste of the meat.

We toast it in our kitchen, just before the CHEESEGRUBERS™ is built, to offer you a warm, soft & slightly crispy bread.

Our bread

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Created by our Chef, and made with milk, butter & potatoes, our soft artisanal bun is made in Italy and is freshly delivered every morning.

Thanks to a small amount of yeast, the bun we use at Grubers is light, airy & digest.

0% fat + 0% gluten + 0% dairy

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In exclusivity in Europe for GRUBERS, Chloe’s sundaes come straight from New York. These delicious frozen treats are made with only 3 ingredients: fruits, water & a touch of organic cane sugar.

Lactose-free, gluten-free, fat-free & guilt-free!

Our concept is Giraudi’s latest creation.

Originally, Giraudi is an importer & exporter of exceptional international meat in Europe since 1968.

Find more about us on our website.

The Giraudi family

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Our knowledge in high quality beef allowed us to create high-end burgers at a reasonable price, mainly because there are no intermediaries.

The Group owns 8 restaurants in Monaco (and more to come) an as many abroad, in Mykonos, Cannes, Mexico, Dublin, Luxembourg…